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Neck Pain & Whiplash Treatment in Croydon

Woman at desk with neck painThe neck supports the head, which holds all the sensory apparatus for hearing, vision, smell, taste, and lingual sensations. The movements of the head are executed by the muscles, which may become tight from poor posture, or from movements that cause acute strain like whiplash.

Neck pain reduces the range of motion in the neck and shoulders, may cause headaches, lead to poor sleep, and literally drive people to despair! It’s a condition we commonly see at Croydon Sports Injury Clinic Ltd.

We increase the patient’s range of motion using therapeutic ultrasound and interferential therapy to help relax the muscles before the adjustment. Once the muscles are relaxed, the next step is the adjustment.

The Importance of the Assessment

If you need a non-invasive, non-medicated natural approach to symptomatic relief for neck discomfort, a chiropractor is the best choice for a checkup. Muscles stiffen, and joints often lose their range of motion as a result of poor sitting and work posture. Chiropractic care eases muscle and joint pain from poor posture.

It’s important to detect and correct any postural problems before they become chronic. Our chiropractor assesses the patient’s posture, and recommends proper techniques to alleviate stress on neck structures, ergonomically and therapeutically, with spinal manipulative therapy.

Making small changes, like changing sitting position, desk and chair distance and height from workstation, changing pillows—all may help improve the level of discomfort and recovery.

The Importance of Proper Neck Function

It can be hard to concentrate with neck discomfort. Sometimes, the discomfort makes it difficult to perform daily tasks, such as personal hygiene. It can also prevent people from doing everyday things, such as exercising, shopping, or reading at night.

Tension headaches are also a common occurrence. Driving the car can be troublesome,
sleeping is disturbed, and recreational and social activities take a back seat when neck pain is severe.

Whiplash and Neck Strain

man with neck pain from auto accidentIf you’re in an automobile accident, whiplash (MAY) occur. Even travelling at a slow speed (Can) produce some degree of whiplash injury.

Whiplash is a cervical acceleration/deceleration syndrome characterised by neck pain, which also (MAY) presentwith other symptoms including headache, blurred vision, dizziness, nausea, numbness and back pain.

When assessing patients with (POSSIBLE) whiplash and associated disorders, patients are divided into three categories—those with symptoms and no objective findings (examiner/chiropractor findings), those with symptoms with orthopaedic but no neurological findings, and those with symptoms and with neurological findings.

There are also some “modifiers” that contribute to patient outcome and prognosis following whiplash. These include if the patient has some pre-existing canal stenosis, degeneration, or pre-injury abnormal neck curve.

Determining the Prognosis for Neck Pain Caused by Whiplash

  • Group 1: This group has an excellent prognosis. They have minor residual problems, such as muscle spasms or occipital headaches.
  • Group 2: Good prognosis. Residual problems may occur, but the likelihood of neurological manifestations is small.
  • Group 3: Poor prognosis. This group has modifiers, and residual problems such as numbness or weakness are possible
  • Group 4: Guarded prognosis. This group has many modifiers, and the likelihood of persistent neurologic signs, such as muscle weakness, atrophy, radiculitis, and others, increases the possibility of surgical intervention
  • Group 5: Unstable. Patients in this group will have radiculopathy and/or myelopathy in many cases, and surgery is often indicated.

Seek Care Today

Chiropractic care helps restore normal spinal function, so you feel less tension in the neck. We provide neck exercises, including strengthening and stretching techniques, for home care to help with your recovery. Book your visit today!


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