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Croydon Sports Injury Clinic Ltd Current Events

Coming Soon

Nearing the summer now with blossoms and weather on the up. Look out for our new fun afternoon event at Bromley Lazer Quest. Everyone welcome RSVP!


Updated Rehab Exercises

Everyone who has been in recently should have received updated exercises for their rehab programs. Please let me know when next in or email/call if you have yet to receive.

Staying Healthy and Active in Winter

In recent months we have helped Martial arts, dancers and top level athletes with a range of chiropractic. Keeping healthy in the winter is just as important as in the rest of the year, therefore please watch our youtube videos showing examples of great sports and martial arts that you could try. I have tried them and the videos show me doing them, so I can say from experience they are endorsed so to speak. Obviously anyone carrying injuries we are currently looking at should discuss this in the next session.

Back Rehab Training Video

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