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Massage Therapy

Remedial and Sports Massage

Massage Therapy in Croydon

Massage therapy is available at Croydon Sports Injury Clinic Ltd

Sports massage is essential in helping athletes recover from both light and vigorous activity. Massage techniques used by massage therapists involve applying correct pressure in fanning movements along muscles and joints. Each therapist uses combinations of techniques acquired through training and from their own personal experience. A remedial or sports massage after exercise can help speed recovery by increasing the blood flow. Many of these techniques improve circulation and metabolism in the related muscles.

Benefits of Croydon Sports Injury Clinic Massage Treatments 0208 651 4439

A Remedial massage or Sports Massage session after running is especially useful and beneficial in the lead up to events like marathon’s. When the leg muscles work as hard as they do for marathon training, the quads and hamstrings can become tight and their biomechanical function compromised. When a muscle is used or overworked it is natural for it to shorten while it takes time to recover post exercise, however the intensity of training without rest also means that an athlete must run more frequently than the body requires for healing and recovery.

Sports Massage

sports massage

A sports massage can help combat this problem and allow athletes of any nature to train more effectively and at a high intensity without added risk of potential injury from overuse and associated muscle strains.

Why not come along to Croydon Sports Injury Clinic and book yourself a sports massage for relaxation or for some therapeutic recovery after activity. Sports and remedial massage is useful for many muscle and joint aches and pains that have been caused due to tightness and posture at work or activity and can be combined with chiropractic treatment. Whether you are an athlete, recreational sports person, office worker or if you just need a relaxing massage then we are here to help on 0208 651 4439. Massage often reportedly helps patients before chiropractic adjustments and makes it easier for chiropractors to move the joints back in position. Our clinic is open every day including on weekends for Massage call out, emergency sports and remedial massage with our mobile massage therapist services. After Hours Massage 07749515476. Call out to Home or Hotel for after hours rate.

Croydon Sports Injury Clinic- Massage Therapy in Croydon

Flexible appointment times ½ hour £50 – 1 hour £90

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